We only use solvent free, environmentally friendly, chemicals that are safe for your family and pets. These chemicals are natural Pyrethrins produced by the flowers of Pyrethrums (Chrysanthemums). Our Spider sprays are an annual treatment and you will find that once you start getting it done each year, you will be spider free forever.


We tend to use Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) when treating Ants, IGRs are very safe to use and friendly to the environment, and extremely effective. IGRs will provide a longer lasting treatment time than repellent type chemicals. If you are wondering what IGRs do, they are the chemicals that the ants take back to the nest and eventually kill the entire colony.



The key here is being prepared, Rats are very shy by nature and will have visited your roof space several times before moving in. Initially the whole roof is a new smell and if you have rodent baits waiting, you will never know that a rat may have came visiting. However if you wait until they move in and add baits or traps they become a new smell, a rat may take a considerable amount of time before he decides to take the bait.



Fleas can be at times difficult to treat, that being a combination of treatment by us and an effort on your part, with respect to vacuuming and keeping your pets treated. The key is to use a quality chemical with a high residual and persistence. Quite often fleas will nest in the subfloor, it is important to treat this area as well and ensure that your pets do not have access to this area.



There are different treatments required for different species, for example spray treatments alone will not work on German Cockroaches, they require baiting, trapping, sometimes spraying and dusting combined. If you have a cockroach problem contact us and we will identify the species and its harborage and apply the appropriate treatment method



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